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  february 27TH - MaRCH 31st

THis Month, We Pay HOMAGE TO…

Little Organic Farm

Owned By:

David Little


60 acres in Marin and Petaluma
approximately 57 miles from Homage

Started Working the Land:

Back in 1995' , David Little and family, along with 2 full-time employees and occasional seasonal helpers.

More on the Farm:

 A third-generation Marin roofer, David started farming potatoes in 1995 after falling in love with the West Marin countryside. He is deeply committed to consumer education and believes that "integrity is as important as organic".

Current Seasonal Offerings
from the farm:

Rose Finn Fingerling · Kennebes Potatoes · Garlic  
  Celeriac · Bintje Potatoes · Dino Kale · Onions 
Laratte Fingerling · Purple Potatoes · Sunchokes
Rainbow Chard
  · Pasture Eggs  
Russian Banana Fingerling
Winter Squash ·  French Fingerling